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    Master Stream Operations: Bringing In the Big Guns

    It is extremely important to have the capability of producing the best possible stream with the delivery appliance of choice. This, of course, will have a direct effect on achieving the quickest possible knockdown. Throughout the years most of the attention has been given to the handline. There have been several types of nozzles used with various techniques. All have ...
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    The Front Bumper Donut Roll Load

    Many of the pumpers manufactured in recent years are equipped with pre-connected handlines mounted in the front bumper. These lines are usually small in size (1” to 1-3/4”) and are most commonly found in lengths ranging from 50’ to 150’. They are very effective for fighting the smaller type fires such as vehicles, grass, rubbish, and dumpsters, etc. The hose tray ...
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    Relay Pump Operations: Who Says It's Just for the Long Lay?

    Producing the required flow to combat a fire is crucial for a successful operation. With the most common fire being the single family residential, water supply from a hydrant system is for the most part not a problem. In fact, it seems like most house fires can be knocked down with the onboard booster tank water. Then there is the ...
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    Tricks Of the Trade: Handlines

    The first few minutes of a fire attack can be quite intense, especially with a fire demanding a large flow. Often times it’s the actions of the first-in company that will make or break the operation. The key to a successful big water attack is to flow as much water as possible with a minimum manpower situation. In past articles I ...
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    Water Delivery Support Unit: It's for the Big One

    [photo:128002] You have all seen them in the magazines. They are the big monster pumpers. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, they all had them at one time or another. These beasts are designed to move large volumes of water at the BIG ONE. They have 2000 GPM pump capacities and larger and use multiple large supply lines to support them. They ...
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    Why Does It Always Have to be Done That Way?

    [photo:126248] Whether it's department SOPs, SOGs, or just the word from the old-timers, we in the fire service have rules that govern the way we do things. Especially when it comes to moving water. Some of these rules have been established from years past, while others are more recent. What are rules based on? They can be anything from fire service ...
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