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So, You Want To Become A Firefighter?

Steve Prziborowski

Medical Examination (designed to determine your fitness for duty through the means of a full body examination and medical screening).
Recruit Academy (if you’re lucky enough to successfully pass all of the above phases, then you are usually eligible to receive a job offer and appointment to a recruit academy lasting anywhere from 8 weeks to 20 weeks. This recruit academy sponsored by the hiring department will provide you with firefighting knowledge, skills, and abilities from A to Z)
Probation Period (successfully completing the academy allows you to start working as a probationary firefighter. Probation periods last anywhere from one year to three years. This period is designed to determine if you are suitable for permanent employment).

How do I find out which fire departments are accepting applications and what are the requirements to become a firefighter with that department?

– Subscribe to firefighter examination notification services such as – or this service is worth every penny of their price. They save you the time and effort of calling each fire department and asking when they are next hiring.

– Contact individual fire departments and their respective city (or county) personnel (or human resource) offices. To find out how to contact them you can either do a search on the internet or look in the blue pages of the phone book (which are the government pages). Typically the personnel department (or human resource department) for a jurisdiction handles the testing process for positions within the fire department. Ask them when they will next be testing for the position of firefighter, what their qualifications are to become a firefighter, do they accept interest cards (if so, can you leave your name with them so you can be notified of their next exam?), and any other relevant questions you may come up with.

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