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So, You Want To Become A Firefighter?

Steve Prziborowski

Second Semester

  • Health 81 and 83 (EMT training course).

  • Fire 51 (Fire Service Operations – a prerequisite for the firefighter 1 academy)

  • Fire 54 (Fire Prevention Technology)

  • Fire 56 (Building Construction for Fire Protection)

  • Fire 89 (Firefighter 1 Academy Introduction)

  • Take any general education units towards your degree (for specific general education units, talk to a counselor)

Third Semester

  • Fire 90A, 90B, 90C (Firefighter 1 Academy)

  • Fire 91A (Wildland firefighting)

  • Fire 91B (Haz Mat first responder – Operations)

  • Fire 91C (I-200; basic ICS)

  • Start looking for a job as an EMT with an ambulance company to gain experience and to help you prepare for paramedic school and a career in the fire service since Emergency Medical Service responses make up 70% or more of our call volume.

Fourth Semester

  • Fire 55 (Fire Protection Equipment and Systems)

  • Fire 95 and 96 (Fire Department work experience, which you can enroll in for up to 4 semesters, gaining valuable experience for your resume as a student firefighter).

  • Any general education units towards your degree (for specific general education units, talk to a counselor).

  • Start looking at getting into a paramedic program.

NOTE: The exact order may vary slightly, based on your ability to successful enroll and pass the classes. Not every class may be offered every semester. Some students are able to handle the above course load per semester, some can handle more classes per semester, some can handle fewer classes per semester. Also, the above classes reflect the two-year degree in Fire Technology at Chabot College; some other colleges may have a slightly different program.

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