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25 Best Ways to Prank the Probie


Nozzeling for a Coke

The Setup:

  • Stir up some chatter about “nozzeling for a coke”. Make it sound like you do it all the time. Make comments like “I’m going to win this time, I’ve been practicing” and ask the rookie if he wants in on the action.

Game Time:

  • Go outside and get a stacked tip smooth bore off the rig. Explain the rules:

    • Stick the nozzle down the front of your pants
    • Tilt your head back with arms out, eyes closed, and balance a quarter on the tip of your nose.
    • Try to drop the quarter in the nozzle by tilting your head forward.
    • Whoever misses the drop has to buy everyone a Coke.
    • Note: be sure to let some other guys go before the rookie

  • Every time he sips from his glass squeeze the syringe for just a second and quickly draw back to avoid a steady stream of water from the pressure you created.

The Surprise:

  • Make sure a few participants are casually drinking ice water during the game. When it’s the rookie’s turn dump the ice water on top of the nozzle while his head is back and eyes closed. If he has it positioned just right, the water will fill up his boots.

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