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25 Best Ways to Prank the Probie


More Station Shennanigans – Fun with Apparatus

  • Have your rookie test to make sure the headlight is warm before turning on the bumper nozzle

  • Have your probie figure out the number and size of spark plugs on a diesel engine

  • Send the rookie to the store for blinker fluid or brake fluid for the air brakes

  • Have the probie find something that doesn’t exist in “Engine compartment #9"

  • Tell the rookie to check the starter fluid in the truck

  • Tell your probie to fetch you some batteries for your chemlight

  • Have a probie rolling hose with Storz couplings. Just as they are about to place the hose in the truck, tell him that he has the male end on the wrong side, and that the female side should be there instead. Watch them unroll the hose and look bewildered at the couplings when they later find out that they are interchangeable.

  • Send your probie to the nearest police station to collect some K9P (K-9 Pee)

  • Take an old pair of bunker boots and nail them to the floor and put their gear back together. Then having dispatch tone out for a dumpster fire.

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