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25 Best Ways to Prank the Probie


Make Them Wet Their Pants!

Equipment Needed:

  • 10 Drip IV Tube
  • 22cc Syringe
  • Tape
  • 22g IV Cath

The Setup:

  • Cut off the end of the 10 drip set on the drip chamber side

  • Fill the syringe with water and secure it to the cut-off end of the drip set with tape

  • Prime the drip set so there is water at the end of the tube.

  • Take the plastic cath off the IV needle and put the needle part in the sharps container

  • Place the drip set in a cup of water and draw up water until you have a full syringe and water to the end of the drip set.

  • Put the 22g plastic cath on the end of the drip set and tape it on. Be sure it’s secure – it will be under pressure

  • Tape the entire setup underneath the kitchen table with the IV cath aimed at the seat your rookie will be sitting in.

  • Tape the syringe under the table where you will be sitting.

The Attack:

  • Sit in the seat with the syringe and watch your probie.

  • Every time he sips from his glass squeeze the syringe for just a second and quickly draw back to avoid a steady stream of water from the pressure you created.

The Result:

  • The rookies notices drops of water every time he drinks, making him think his cup had a leak.

  • Watch and laugh as they unsuccessfully try to fix the problem.

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