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25 Best Ways to Prank the Probie


Guarenteed Laughter

  • Fill their locker with packing popcorn

  • If your probie uses a white pillow case, spread a fine layer of flour over it before they go to bed (Unlike sugar, they won’t be able to feel the flour)

  • Get a few packets of the Kool-Aid Clear-to-Color crystals. Sprinkle the granulated powder into the lower end of the probie’s sleeping bag. When they begin to sweat in the middle of the night, it will trigger the power to change color, dyeing their legs a nice bright color.

  • Tape a recording of a dispatch and play it over the PA system early in the morning (3am). When the rookie comes running out have the rest of the department stand ready with water guns.

  • Tell your rookie he has a missed call, and should call a Mr. Lyon at the designated number. Have that number call the local zoo.

  • On the Spot Questions to Ask Your Probie:
    • What size water hammer do you use to drive in your piercing nozzle?
    • Should a rookie run the 16/20 ounce water supply line unassisted?
    • When in Florida, does animal control respond when you call for gator-aid?

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