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25 Best Ways to Prank the Probie


Firehouse Hijinx
Fun ideas that don’t require much work!

  • Freeze the probie’s keys into the bottom of a glass of water (take off any car alarm fobs or other electronics first!)

  • Tell your probie to “Get the Hose Stretcher”

  • Very carefully lift the probie’s bunk and place empty soda cans beneath each bed leg. Carefully lower the bed and remake, making sure to cover the cans. Sit back and enjoy when your rookie goes to lay down.

  • Have the probie ask an engineer for a nozzle for the 5-inch

  • Get an alarm clock similar to the one your probie already has. Set the alarm to go off at odd hours and hide it under their bed, near their regular alarm clock. Sit back and let the fun commence.

  • Tell your probie to “Get the Hose Stretcher”

  • Flip the probie’s mattress and box springs and carefully remake the bed

  • Send the rookie to an administrative office to look for the “ID10-T” Form (For those of you who don’t get this one look closer at the form’s name!)

  • Dump a bag of flour on the probie while they’re taking a shower (That stuff is hard to get out!)

  • Tell the probie to get the left-handed screwdriver

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