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The Front Bumper Donut Roll Load

The 150’ line is a little more complicated to pull than the 100’ line. This line consists of three 50’ donut rolls placed upright in the tray. The first two are joined together with a loop just like the 100’ load. The third roll is connected to the second roll without using a loop, and the nozzle is connected to the male end of it.

The best way to pull this line is to drop the first two rolls to the ground holding on to the loop with one hand. Keeping the third roll in the other hand, advance it and the nozzle with the firefighter until the first 100’ are laid out. At that point the third roll can be dropped and flaked out.

If the front bumper hose tray has a metal or door for it the rolled hose could be sitting too high not allowing the door to close. To eliminate this problem loosely roll the hose which will allow the hose to be compressed. Doing this will lower the top of the roll in the tray thus allowing the door to close.

Remember, it’s all about safety and efficiency. The front bumper donut roll load makes for an easier pull, a hose deployment with fewer or no kinks in it, and a line that can be ready to charge in half the distance of the standard flat load.

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