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The Worcester Six (A Firefighter Poem)

Top Kenney

Enveloped in the darkness time seemed to be frozen
Suddenly aware of the risks of this profession we’d chosen

It takes but a moment to realize we may not survive
We’re not sharing our air trying to stay alive

Meanwhile desperation outside as we lay dying
A rescue plan put together two brothers are trying

Trying to reach us in time and pull us to safety
But their effort’s in vain, it just wasn’t to be

They crawl through the darkness and become lost too
Now the rescuers are victims so they start another crew

No shortage of volunteers outside the building
To risk his life for his brothers-every man is willing

The only thing that mattered now was finding their brothers
For it’s their unwritten code to depend on each other

As the third crew fell victim to this hellish structure
Whether more crews be sent in was up for conjecture

It was then that the Chief did what had to be done
He pulled everyone out of there, the building had won

It had swallowed our bravest and was not giving them up
In a last act of bravery that night the Chief said, “Enough!”

For more than two weeks following as the world looked on
The city of Worchester, Massachusetts recovered their brave sons

There were funerals and memorials and a Presidential proclamation
The bravery and valor of these men was beyond imagination

God keep you Paul, Tim, Tom, Jeremiah, Joe, & Jay