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The Worcester Six (A Firefighter Poem)

Top Kenney

That a fire was present not yet too intense
These measures we employ are the proper defense

They allow us more time for search and for rescue
Before the fire gets rolling cutting off our escape route

After we vented the roof we descended one floor
to begin searching for victims entering through a door

We’re in a windowless room out lights cut through the haze
From one room to another soon we’re lost in a maze

As we’re searching for victims and for the exit
The fire suddenly intensifies as oxygen reaches it

In what seems a blink of an eye the smoke’s black and thick
We don our masks with urgency; we need to get out quick

Desperately look for the stairs, can’t find our way out
Fumble for our radios, “Mayday, Mayday” we shout

Crawling through a labyrinth from room to room
Only twelve minutes of air between us and our doom

We try to relay our location to our brothers outside
In hopes that they’ll find us before we have died