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"I'm a Firefighter" - The Double Standard

Kristen Winters

We all know being a firefighter has its social perks, especially for guys. I go out with the guys from work often and watch certain phenomenons take place.

For example, my fellow brothers can walk up to a table full of girls, with a wingman in place of course (as I learned all about the importance of wingmen when I began spending time with them) and say something achingly simple.

“I am a fireman.”

And it works!

These tables full of girls giggle, twirl their hair, whisper among themselves, and fall for it hook-line-and-sinker.

Now I am not saying the thought of a man in uniform isn’t alluring, but come on…how do you know? He could be lying! But needless to say, the guys usually have a dance partner for the rest of the night.

What would happen if I tried this? Do I get the same benefit? I decided to put this to the test.

A friend of mine became my wingwoman, because every rock star needs a wingwoman, and we sauntered over to a table full of very attractive guys. Now I have to add that I was out with some of my brothers, and they were watching with rapt interest.

I felt confident. I had gained some definition in my arms due to the academy. I had lost 25 pounds. I was wearing a shirt that complimented me perfectly. I was wearing 4-inch heels. I was golden.

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