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An Academy's Daunting Challenge

An Academy's Daunting Challenge

Kristen Winters

I watched most of my peers go. I kept raging an inner battle with my psyche, wanting my confidence to win. No one else had a problem, there was no way I was going to be the first.

I walked over to the engine, and pulled off the ladder. Quite a feat, since I couldn’t feel my hands. I grunted as I put the ladder up on my shoulder. I trudged through the deep snow, got to the tower, and threw that ladder down like it was an ex-boyfriend. I raised the fly section as high as I needed to go, tied my halyard, and gave a triumphant shout. Ladder, zero. Kristen, one.

Moral of the story? I never should have doubted myself. I never would have earned my spot at the academy if the powers-that-be didn’t think I could do it. I tried to keep my self doubt at bay after that. Try to do the same. You will enjoy you probationary period, and learn more, if you do.

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