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PTSD: A Spouse’s Role

PTSD: A Spouse’s Role

Tom Kenney

Don’t let your husband get away with telling you that there is no stress on the job or that they go to work to get away from the stress in their lives – that’s the standard reply from a firefighter.

Over the years the effects of stress will just pile up, one on top of another, without him even noticing, until it begins to take its toll. Memories that seem long forgotten have the ability to linger in your subconscious until triggered by some outside event. When a firefighter is bothered by a fatal fire or shooting, he may be also suffering the delayed effects of three or four prior incidents along with this most recent tragedy.

In conclusion, I’d just like to re-emphasize that job related stress can be a serious health issue for firefighters, and many times the firefighter himself will not even be aware that something is wrong.

Firefighters and those who love him should be aware of the symptoms of PTSD and be ever vigilant for the signs. Open communication with those close to you and having the ability to ‘talk things out’ are the best tools someone can have to combat this condition. Firefighters – don’t be afraid to share your innermost feelings with your spouse.

aww what a Wives – take an active interest in your firefighter’s experiences. You’ll help him to remain healthy, and you may be surprised to find out what an extraordinary partner you have.