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Guatemala Mission Bound: The Training Begins

Guatemala Mission Bound: The Training Begins

David Pease

We have to keep in mind that their resources were pretty slim, as they had no extrication equipment, and only some stranded rope and non locking carabiners to use for rope rescue.

The rescue truck that went down had equipment on it they had never seen as well as kernmantle lifelines, some pulleys and hardware. This first day was a challenge, but everything turned out well and all of our objectives were met. It was then back to the base and time to get cleaned up. Oh, did I mention the fact there was no hot water! Showers were short, but effective. Once we got cleaned up, it was off to one of the restaurants to grab a bite to eat.

Since the crime rate in Guatemala is rather high, we were escorted with armed guards most of the time. They were going to make sure nothing happened to us. We enjoyed our dinner and it was back to base and soon to get some much needed rest. Next time I will take you through some more training and some of the other activities they had for us.

Stay tuned for part 3