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Guatemala Mission Bound

Guatemala Mission Bound

Daniel Pease

Rescue Jack was the first to come onboard with some stabilization struts. Turtle Cribbing followed with a set of plastic cribbing. Next, Sterling Rope helped out with ropes and accessory cords. REI and Southeastern Emergency Equipment donated pulleys, carabiners, eights and brake racks for the rigging pack. Agri-Supply donated a set of high-lift jacks, 60” pry bar, and a come along. Loop Road Auto Parts gave us 2 hydraulic bottle jacks as did Fleetpride. Mac Tools donated hand tools and an air wrench. Lowes gave us power cords, quartz light, sledge hammer, screw drivers, pry bars, and hacksaws. Bosch put in 100 reciprocating blades, and Hudson’s Hardware of Garner threw in a 36 inch pair of bolt cutters. Rocky Mount Fire rounded up some air pack frames, power cords, lights, gloves, hand tools, and several helmets. The Reds Team kicked in 2 stokes baskets, 4 stainless steel pulleys, 4 ½” lifelines, webbing, 2 corded reciprocating saws, 1 cordless reciprocating saw, 1 cordless impact wrench, airline, haligan tool, Paratech tool, fire axe, (5) 2.2 old Scott air packs, and purchased a new battery for the truck.

We also acquired a used Phoenix hydraulic combination tool, cutter and portable power unit. We now had some good basic equipment to put on the donated rescue truck and train them with.

Our time was drawing near and we needed to get the truck to our station so we could get the equipment on it and ready for the “drive” to Guatemala. That’s right, the truck was going to be picked up in Gastonia, NC and driven to Guatemala.

Jesus would be picking it up and making the long and tedious drive to Guatemala City. The truck was delivered to Gastonia, then Mike Arnold and I made the drive from Raleigh to bring it back. We then spent the weekend putting the donated equipment on the truck. We got the equipment loaded and mounted and returned the truck back to Gastonia on Monday, now ready for the trip to Guatemala.

The airline tickets were purchased and the team was preparing for the trip. Most of us had to get Hepatitis A shots, as well as our medications for typhoid. A tetanus booster was also needed. Most of the team members also had to get their passports.

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