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Tricks Of the Trade: Handlines

Boulder City blitz attack line consisting of a Task Force Tip Master Stream nozzle flowing 500 GPM with a 10” stream shaper and an Akron jumbo valve and a Fire Flow Technology stream directing handle    Task Force Tips Max Force 500 GPM Nozzle

The first part of the handline deployment involves the actual pulling of the hose from the hose bed. Let’s use a 200’ pre-connected 2-1/2” blitz line for our example. Most hose loads used today actually pull the entire amount of the hose from the bed at one time. This in itself can be extremely heavy, making it difficult for one firefighter to pull. For example, the hose used in our scenario weighs 30# per 50’. This makes the weight of the entire line, excluding the nozzle, 120#.

To make hose deployment easy enough for one firefighter to handle, the Triple Fold load should be used. The Triple Fold load is an alternative hose load designed specifically for heavy hose deployment. Its basic concept involves peeling the hose load from the bed instead of dumping it all at once.

Its design is simple. The hose is stretched completely out and then stacked evenly upon itself in three even layers. For the 200’ line, each layer is approximately 65’ long. After the hose has been evenly stacked, it can then be loaded. Treat the stack of the hose as one line and load it into the hose bed in a flat lay. The nozzle and one fold will be at the end of the load on the top layer.

Deployment is simple, grab the nozzle and the one fold and peel the hose from the bed. The line will have to be pulled the full 65’ in order to clear the bed. Once the bed is cleared, the line will be on the ground with just two bends in it. The firefighter can now advance to the fire with the nozzle.

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