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Water Delivery Support Unit: It's for the Big One

Paul Shapiro

Apparatus and Equipment Specifications

1. 1000’ of 2-1/2" Key hose for large handlines.

2. 2000" of 1-3/4" Key hose for small handlines.

3. 2000" of 6" Key hose for supply line.

4. One large diameter Kochek gated wye (6" inlet and three 5" outlets) with Storz connections. These appliances will be mounted on the tailboard and are to be used at the receiving end of a relay pump operation to supply multiple engines.

5. Three large diameter pump intakes (two are 6"and one of these uses a 5" siamese to make two intakes) each having a Task Force Tips large diameter gated intake valve with a built in pressure dump valve and a Storz connection. The intakes will be located on each side of the pump.

6. Two 4" large diameter discharges on the unit. One on the officer’s side and one on the rear of the unit. These discharges will be equipped with a 5" Task Force Tips gated Storz pressure dump valve appliance.

7. A 2000 GPM plumbed Stang master stream is used on the top of the unit. The nozzles are both smooth bore and automatic with a 2000 GPM capability. The monitor is plumbed 4" from the pump to the appliance with a 4" gate valve at the base of the appliance to allow for the 2000 GPM delivery efficiently with control of the discharge at the top where the stream will be directed.