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Water Delivery Support Unit: It's for the Big One

Paul Shapiro

A quick flow test can be conducted to help determine available water. This is how it is done. The W.D.S. unit is connected to the water source using a hose evolution capable of bringing in maximum flow. The W.D.S. unit has a built in flow metering system in the rear 4" discharge. Simply discharge the water through the 4" discharge and read the flow meter gauge. The discharge does not need to have a nozzle attached to it because flow, not pressure, is being read. When the engine is ready to flow water, open the discharge of choice and throttle up until the intake pressure comes down to 0 and note the flow.


A built in flow meter can is used to determine available water.

The W.D.S. unit is set up to supply water to the fireground directly to a pumper or to large manifolds allowing multiple pumpers to receive water or multiple handlines or a combination of both.

To make the hose replacement after the fire easy the W.D.S. unit has a machine called the Hose Mule that drains and picks up the hose in one operation. The hose is mechanicaly brought to the hose bed where firefighters simply fold the it into place.


The Hose Mule hose retrieval system.