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Why Does It Always Have to be Done That Way?

Paul Shapiro

Myth #8

Myth 8: A nozzle on a handline must be fully opened when in use.

Reality: Does this mean that if the stream is kicking your rear end on an interior attack, that you shouldn’t shut it down? The bale on a nozzle is just like the accelerator pedal in your car. The more you push on it, the faster you go. If you are heading into a sharp turn and keep the pedal to the floor, most likely you will crash and burn. The same holds true with nozzles. A gated down stream is a lot better than a fully closed stream when you absolutely need to be flowing water. Some say that the gated down stream would be broken and unusable. I say not true! We tend to evaluate streams on how pretty they look versus how effective they are. Sure a gated down smooth bore tip will produce an ugly stream, however, will that ugly stream have the reach and the volume to attack a fire? Flow tests have proven that most smooth bore tip/nozzle body combinations can be gated down to just about half way and still provide a workable stream.

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