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Why Does It Always Have to be Done That Way?

Paul Shapiro

Myth #7

Myth 7: The best supply line evolution to use on a hydrant that only has 2-1/2” ports is to siamese two short pieces of 3” hose from the 2-1/2” ports into a manifold that is connected to the LDH supply line.

Reality: It stands to reason that this evolution would be the most efficient, after all, utilizing two ports would flow more than one. The reality is that this type of evolution creates higher friction loss because of the short small diameter lines as well as turbulence as these lines enter into the siamese manifold. Numerous flow tests have proven that a single LDH line connected directly to one of the 2-1/2” hydrant ports will flow about the same as the evolution that utilizes two hydrant ports.


When using a master stream with 2-1/2” inlets it is more efficient to adapt the LDH line to the inlet

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