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Why Does It Always Have to be Done That Way?

Paul Shapiro

Myth #5 & #6

Myth 5: If only a 2-1/2” port on the hydrant is available, do not use large diameter hose because it will not support it.

Reality: I hear this a lot. As a rule of thumb, the 2-1/2” port will flow only 20% less than the large port on the hydrant when using large diameter hose.

Myth 6: Large diameter hose cannot be used on a weak hydrant system.

Reality:In fact it’s just the opposite. Large diameter hose would be the best choice. A weak hydrant system will more than likely be lacking good hydrant pressure, therefore the supply hose with the lowest friction loss would be the size to use to make up for the weak hydrant pressure. 5” hose has less friction loss than 2-1/2” or 3” hose.


A warf hydrant used in conjunction with LDH.

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