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Why Does It Always Have to be Done That Way?

Paul Shapiro

Myth #4

Myth 4: When supplying a portable monitor with 2-1/2” inlets using large diameter hose, a manifold should be used at the end of the LDH line and wyed into two 2-1/2” or 3” lines for the final connection into the monitor.

Reality: Flow tests were conducted to disprove this myth. The first flow test consisted of 150 feet of 5” discharge line into a large manifold wyed down to two 3” lines 50 feet long and then into the inlets of the monitor. The second portion of this flow test brought the 150 feet discharge line directly into the inlet of the monitor using a 5” X 2-1/2” adapter. Both evolutions flowed 1000 GPM. The 5” by itself was able to move the 1000 GPM with 20 psi less on its engine pressure than the combination 5” and 3” evolution.


When using a master stream with 2-1/2” inlets it is more efficient to adapt the LDH line to the inlet

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