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Why Does It Always Have to be Done That Way?

Paul Shapiro

Myth #1

Myth 1: The maximum flow from a 2-1/2” discharge on a pumper cannot support large diameter hose operations because of their low flow capabilities.

Reality: A large diameter discharge is the most effective way to flow large volumes of water through large diameter hose. If your unit does not have a large diameter discharge, this large flow operation is still possible using a 2-1/2” discharge. The key is to use the best plumbed discharge available, preferably off the side of the apparatus with no bends in the plumbing. A large diameter hose X 2-1/2” adapter will be needed to make the connection. 1000 GPM flows should be possible at a respectable RPM range. I have been able to get 1700 GPM through a side 2-1/2” discharge with the pumper being at the receiving end of a large diameter hose relay pump operation. Yes, the RPMs needed for this operation were high, however, we did not reach the governed engine speed on the apparatus.


The 2-1/2” side discharge can flow 1000 GPM and still be an efficient operation

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