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Why Does It Always Have to be Done That Way?

Paul Shapiro

Myth #11

Myth 11: 1-3/4” handlines pumped at high engine pressures create a line so stiff that it becomes too difficult to use in an interior attack when the line needs to be advanced through hallways and rooms.

Reality: This may have held true years ago but with the new technology in the hose manufacturing, I think you will be surprised to see what the hose will do under higher pressures. The hose will be somewhat stiff right at the nozzle, but you won’t find a significant difference between high and low pressure line throughout the rest of the line while advancing into a structure. Try this simple test. Stretch a handline out, keeping the nozzle shut. Go ahead and throttle up to 250 psi and advance it through some type of obstacle course, whether it is in the burn tower or something you set up on the drill field. Next, try to make a real tight loop in the hose and see what you can do. I think you will be impressed.


This 1-3/4” line is being pumped at 250 psi and is able to have a 3 foot loop placed into it. Looks pretty flexible to me.

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