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FireLink's Fundraisers for Firefighters

FireLink | Kendra Weikman, Associate Editor

Sports Tournament and Carnival

We don’t necessarily mean football or basketball here. You can create a sports contest in which firefighters contend against citizens young and old in different competitive and entertaining events.

Can the teacher next door beat a firefighter in a potato sack race? What about challenging that kid down the street to an arm wrestling match? (Make sure the kids win!) What about obstacle courses and horseshoes?

Have a special event where your department competes against itself. Set up an Ironman-type competition to show off what your firefighters can do.

This is a great fundraiser to hold during the spring and summer time. Be sure to use a large, open space such as a park or field. Also remember to provide the public with free water in case it gets too hot.

Be sure to charge a fee to attend the tournament. You can even set up additional fee-based activities to help grow your funds even more.

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