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FireLink's Fundraisers for Firefighters

FireLink | Kendra Weikman, Associate Editor

Firefighter Beauty Contest

Ok now before you think of strutting down a catwalk in your boxers, this fundraiser falls more to the humorous side of things. Don’t get us wrong you will need a few brave men for this event, but instead of sashaying down the catwalk in silk boxers they will debuting their favorites in women’s fashion.

Make it a big event by inviting the newspaper, radio and local television stations to host the event. You might even get some free publicity!M

Ask a dozen guys from the fire department to tap into their feminine sides. They should deck themselves out in makeup, wigs, stockings, purses, heels and their best dress.

You can make this event as humorous as you want to by including a talent competition and even a swimsuit competition. Charge $10 to $35 a ticket. Believe us when we say that the audience will get their moneys worth in laughter out of the evening.

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