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FireLink's Fundraisers for Firefighters

FireLink | Kendra Weikman, Associate Editor

Online Auctions

A site called developed a great online auction site that lets anyone auction off items and have the money donated directly to a charity or non-profit in their name.

Many communities are raising thousands of dollars for their local fire house by having people sell used household items through online auctions. “Better then a garage sale” one user said.

Once an item sells, the money is collected by the site to prevent fraud, a shipping label is generated (if needed) and the money is mailed to the fire house in the seller’s name.

Tax receipts are automatically generated for tax write-offs and best of all, it’s FREE to use! When a fire house signs up with the site, they can receive the money directly from the buyer and not wait for a check in the mail. This is quickly becoming one of the most successful ways of raising money due to ease of use.

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