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Ultimate Guide to SAFER Grants

Ultimate Guide to SAFER Grants

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How to Apply

Automated Grant Application: Eligible applicants should apply for a SAFER grant online via the DHS “e-grants” application process. The online application can be accessed through the USFA website at,, the AFG program website at, or accessed directly at (If you do not have Internet access, see the instructions below for submitting a paper application.) The SAFER program office staffs a help desk for any applicants that have questions or needs technical assistance. The help desk is available at 1-866-274-0960.

The automated SAFER grant application is designed with many built-in “Help” screens and drop-down menus to assist throughout the application process. The application can be saved and retrieved as many times as necessary until the deadline or submittal. However, once an application is submitted, it cannot be changed. The automated system will not allow you to submit an incomplete application, i.e., the system will alert you if you have not provided required information. You will be automatically notified via e-mail that DHS has received your application.

Each department or organization can submit only one application per application period. Applicants may apply for either the Hiring of Firefighters Activity or for the Recruitment and Retention of Volunteer Firefighters Activity, or both on the same application. However, we will evaluate applications that include requests for both activities in their entirety and fund them accordingly, i.e., we will not make a partial award for one of the two activities based on the quality of the grant application. It is not necessary for applicants to write two separate narratives; however, applicants that request assistance in both activities should be sure to address both activities under each of the applicable narrative elements (see pages 24 – 25 for details regarding the requisite narrative elements).

Applicant Tutorial

An applicant tutorial will be available on the AFG program’s website at This tutorial explains the SAFER grant program and priorities for funding, describes the application screens, and provides information to assist applicants in developing a comprehensive, competitive and well- organized application.

Additionally, the tutorial will be accessible while the applicant completes the online application. By clicking the “Tutorial” button on the application screen, the user will be able to view the tutorial information about the specific application screen on which they are currently working.

Check back for more information on SAFER Grants as it becomes available.