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Ultimate Guide to SAFER Grants

Ultimate Guide to SAFER Grants

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Good News for Volunteer Departments

DHS concurs with the recommendation of the criteria development panel that departments with the highest percentage of volunteers and departments or organizations with large numbers of volunteers will benefit the most from the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters. Therefore, applicants whose membership is mostly volunteer, or departments with a significant number of volunteer firefighters, will receive higher consideration than departments with a low percentage of volunteers or a smaller number of volunteer members.

Planning Your Recruitment

Recruitment/Retention Plan: It is critical to have a plan to direct any recruitment and/or retention activities. Accordingly, applications requesting funding for recruitment and/or retention programs that are based on formal plans will receive higher consideration than applications that are not.

Applicants who claim to have a recruitment and retention plan should summarize the plan in their narrative. A designated project coordinator and a marketing plan are necessary for the successful implementation of any recruitment and/or retention program.

Therefore, requests that include a coordinator’s position and a marketing plan will receive higher consideration than requests that do not. In accordance with the recommendations of the criteria development panel, applications with recruitment and/or retention plans that include accident and/or injury insurance and lost wages for members will also receive a higher competitive ranking.

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