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The Journey of Grantwriting - Part II

With a strategic plan you should draft two, a short term strategic plan and a long term strategic plan. The short term strategic plan is drafted for one to two years and will directly feed into your long term strategic plan. Typically the long range plan is drafted for five to ten years.

My recommendation with these vital plans are to pull them out often as they will guide you and make sure you are on moving forward and they will allow you to pat your self on the back as you are meeting your goals and objectives. Make sure when you accomplish a task you add another to keep your strategic plan current and alive.

Once this process has been completed you can move onto goals followed by objectives.

GOAL – The end toward which effort is directed. Outcomes and measurable benchmarks.

Goals can apply to where you picture your organization or your target population at the end of the grant period. Your goals should be action oriented and full of verbs.

However: Do not include measurements or timelines in your goal statement, as you will present these in your objectives.

Objective -The steps or benchmarks to reach the Goal. Specific and measurable (include a time frame).

There are three types of objectives :

  • Process Objectives
  • Outcome Objectives
  • Impact Objectives

Always provide objectives for each goal & for each year for which you’re requesting funds for an activity.