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The Journey of Grantwriting - Part II

Hello and welcome back. Thank you for the wonderful comments I received on the first segment of the Journey of Grant Writing.

I would like to do a quick overview of segment one of the series. In segment one you were introduced to the following: Grant terminology, Follow RFP guidelines, Basic writing skills, My favorite list of doom and gloom words.

This segment will be covering the following:

  • •Drafting your Needs Statement also referred to as the Problem Statement

  • •Strategic Plan

  • •Building your budget and drafting your Budget Narrative

I. Drafting your Needs Statement/Problem Statement

PROBLEM or NEEDS section describes specific difficulties or challenges your organization faces currently and going forward.
  • • Who is affected?
  • • How?
  • • What are the causes of the problem?
  • • Or why does the need exist and how do you know?

The Needs Statement is the explanation of the problem you hope to address should you receive your grant or contract award.

  • • Write about every problem you can uncover. Address what the problem is, when it began, and how you know it is a problem.
  • • Always include results from recent community needs assessments. Doing so indicates to the funder that you are basing your problem statement or needs statement on valid findings about your target population.
  • • Refer to the current lack of programs or services in your area.
  • • Do not talk in generalities – use hard facts, statistics and quotes.
  • • Cite all your sources, and stay current. Do not use anything older than five years.
  • • Show that you know what you are talking about by comparing your problem to other communities (of your size) experiencing similar problems.
  • • Additionally you can incorporate risk factors, census statistics (once again, do not use anything older than five years), survey findings.

➢ Reminder: In a government grant this is the section you will want to obtain all scoring points available.