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Tighten Your Belt in More Ways Than One

Tighten Your Belt in More Ways Than One

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The routine and structure of classes or groups won’t suit everyone, particularly if you have children or a changeable working schedule. In these situations, it helps to be creative when it comes to your fitness plan.

Fitness, dance, Pilates and yoga DVDs are popular and, providing you stick to the routines, offer a great way to get fit in your home. Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, has released a fitness DVD ($29.95 on It has a special feature allowing you to learn the routines at your own pace and is designed to make you feel as if you are in the class with her. If you use it 20 times, that’s $1.50 a class – not bad for a celebrity fitness instructor.

If you fancy the idea of getting a personal trainer but don’t like the sound of the price tag, some fitness instructors allow clients to download their tuition every week. "It works really well for clients who don’t live that close to my studio, " explains Sarah- Jane, who offers her clients a virtual trainer service on her website, “They can download my classes or some exercises and then follow a fitness plan without having to travel from their own home. You have to pay for the videos, but because you’re not paying for gas or parking it is quite an economical way of doing things.”

You could also buy a jump rope and make use of your local park, or back garden, if you have one. Any amount of extra exercise per day makes a difference.