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Tighten Your Belt in More Ways Than One

Tighten Your Belt in More Ways Than One

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Although some people enjoy exercising alone, there are plenty who like the camaraderie and classes a gym has to offer. But you don’t have to join an expensive gym to get it.

Most towns and cities will have some kind of fitness center such as a YMCA that may include a gym, a swimming pool and, in some areas, an ice rink. As these are community-run buildings you should be able to pay for classes as you go, although some clubs ask you to pay a small fee for a membership card. Classes can usually be attended for around $5-$10, and you shouldn’t have to book (though some more popular options in busy areas might require you to book a few days in advance).

To find out about local classes, check out websites and local newspapers, where instructors usually advertise. You can lose more than 200 calories an hour dancing, and drop-in dance classes are cost effective, too: for example, your average swing dancing class is anywhere from $0 to $15 for a lesson and a few hours of dancing.

Pilates and yoga groups are often held in community buildings or local health centers, and will also advertise in local shops and papers.

Alternatively, websites such as list local community activities and are a great source of information on fitness groups.

If you want to do a bit of outdoors exercise it is worth logging on to websites like Craigslist to find similarly minded folks so that you have some motivation.