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Tighten Your Belt in More Ways Than One

Tighten Your Belt in More Ways Than One

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While everyone can – and should – incorporate exercise into their lives, picking the right type is crucial to maintaining any regime. After all, while running four times a week in a club might ensure you shed pounds, that level of commitment won’t suit everyone.

Instead, experts stress that it’s important to opt for an exercise plan you can stick to, even if that simply means walking to work every morning. "If all you have time for each day is a walk to work then that’s fine – it all adds up, " explains personal trainer SarahJane Hunter of Glasgow. “I’m a great believer in doing what you can, so even if you do have to drive to work, then park the car a bit further away than usual and walk that extra bit into work each day.”

It’s also worth considering how keen you are. If you’ve tried to exercise in the past, but have given up due to lack of motivation, then Sarah-Jane suggests exercise with some friends. "You’re less likely to let people down if you make an arrangement, so that ensures you’ll keep exercising, " she says. Get your spouse involved, or a friend.

If you don’t enjoy running, but do want to keep fit, Sarah-Jane suggests doing a workout in your home. Even if you don’t have a budget to buy equipment, household objects (such as cans of beans in place of weights) can be used as weights and supports. "It’s not going to give you the best workout in the world, " says Sarah-Jane. “But using household objects is certainly better than doing nothing and if you don’t have any cash to spare, I’d recommend it.”