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Tighten Your Belt in More Ways Than One

Tighten Your Belt in More Ways Than One

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Whatever exercise plan you’re hoping to start in the new year, you will need a basic kit. There’s no need to be coordinated from top to toe. Everyone has a cotton T-shirt and most of us have jogging bottoms, yoga trousers or Lycra shorts and leggings; if not, you can pick them up very cheaply in the sales at shops such as Walmart and Target. Experts suggest that properly fitted running shoes are a must if you plan to try jogging. Katie Alexander, who owns specialist sports footwear shop Achilles Heel, believes you can get the right running shoes for around $60. "Getting the right trainers is essential if you’re going running, " she explains. “If you don’t spend money on anything else, get properly fitted running shoes. They will prevent you from getting an injury and pains when you run.”

If you’re planning to run for the first time – whether treadmill and road-running – Katie recommends being fitted for trainers by a specialist. "It’s really important that you get an expert to help you find the right pair of trainers, " she says. “We quite often have old models of running shoes on sale, as do other shops, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on a pair. But it is important to get something that’s right for your feet and your budget.”

It’s also important to invest in a pair of breathable socks (around $6 non-sale price) and, for females, a good sports bra. Katie recommends that women with a small bust should wear crop tops, while larger-busted women should opt for a more structured sports bra. These can be found in most sports shops for between $20 and $40.

Other sports might require more expensive equipment, although internet sites provide cheaper options. If you want to getting fit by cycling, then check out, and Ebay to find more affordable bikes. Pilates balls, resistance bands and other equipment can be found on these websites, often for very little money, such as an exercise trampoline for $40 and a nearly new treadmill for $75. Craigslist and Ebay are a particularly good resources for used exercise equipment.