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The Journey of Grantwriting: Part 1

When drafting your Needs Statement, also known as your Problem Statement, this is the list of “Doom and Gloom Words” I refer to frequently.

Just as a reminder, Doom and Gloom words are dramatic language used to make your submission stand apart from the others.

List of Doom and Gloom Words:

A-Abandoned, abominable, abruptly, abscess, agonize,

B- Backslide, badly, bankrupt, barbaric, bare, barren, battery, because

C- Cancel, capture, cast, categorical, cessation, cesspool, circumvent, citizenry,

D-Damage, dangerous, debilitate, decrease, deep-seated, difference, dire, disaster

E- Earmark, ebb, essential, eventual, evoke, economically depressed, embrace

F- Face, facilitate, fail, fared, fateful, fearful, firsthand, force, foremost

G- Gang, gauge, generate, genesis, glaring, glimpse, glimmer, global, glut

H- Habitual halfhearted, halfway, halt,

I-Identify, ideology, idle, ignorance, ill-adapted, illiterate, illusion, image

J- Jaded, journey, judge, junction, just, justifiable

K-Keeper, kick kindness, kindred

L-Laborious, lacerated, lack languish, lapse, leaving, lessen

M-Magnetic, magnitude, mainstay, major malcontent, manifest

N-Naïve, narrow, nearly, necessary, needful, neglect

O-Obligation, obscure, obstruction, occurrence, offensive

P- Pacify, pain, pale, paralyze, past, penetrate, perplex

Q-Qualify, quest, questionable

R-Radical, radius, random, rank, range, rash (adjective), realistic

S-Sabotage, sacred, saddened, salvage, scarce, secluded, senseless

T-Taboo, tangible, temporary, tend, tenure, term, terrible threadbare, threaten

U-Ulterior, ultimate, unacceptable, unaware, unbending

V-Vacant, valid, vandalize, variable, vast, viable

W-Want, warn, wary, waste, weaken, weigh

Y-Yearn, yesteryear

Z-Zero, zone

Recognition of resources utilized: “Advanced Grant Proposal Writing” Dr. Beverly Browning. “Grant Writing for Dummies, editions 1 & 2” Dr. Beverly Browning

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