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The Journey of Grantwriting: Part 1

Basic Writing Skills

When writing your proposal it is crucial to utilize correct writing skills.

When writing, I utilize the following format system:

A- Attention
I– Interest
D- Desire
A- Action step

Following this format will keep your writing accurate and interesting, moving away from rambling or overwriting your points of interest.

  • Additional writing tips to utilize while drafting your grant proposal:

  • •*Edit your writing for tone*: Your tone of writing should help create a partnership with your audience, asking for their support, not directing them to do something.

  • •*Edit for Reading Level*: Utilize vocabulary and sentence structure that is appropriate to the education and reading level of your audience. If your vocabulary and sentence structure is too complex for your reviewers, they are most likely not to understand the information you are relaying. Should your vocabulary and sentence structure be too simple, your reviewers may become bored and lose interest in your proposal.

  • Edit for Style: Style refers to the over all sound and feel of your document.

  • 1. Identify overused words or phases

  • 2. Spell out acronyms and eliminate jargon that your readers may not understand

  • 3. Eliminate “trendy” language

Edit for Spelling and Grammar: Spelling and grammar are the most basic parts of writing. At a minimum, you should use the spelling and grammar check functions in your word processing software. Complete a manual check to find errors that your software may not detect.

Making Writing Concise: If your writing is brief and concise, you will likely hold the reader’s attention throughout the entire document

Foundation & Corporate grant proposals are frequently easier projects.

Government applications can be lengthy and challenging. However these types of grants prove to be the most challenging and if awarded they will bring to you grant large dollars.

Write accurate and true stats.

Research your data and obtain the most current data for your organization, non-profit or business.

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