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How to Spot a Meth Lab

How to Spot a Meth Lab

Today, methamphetamine is second only to alcohol and marijuana as the drug used most frequently in many Western and Midwestern states. Seizures of dangerous laboratory materials have increased dramatically—in some states, fivefold – which is precisely why first responders should be extremely careful when responding to a scene. You never know when a routine call could put you in the path of danger.

Meth labs are one of the biggest growing dangers in our country. Because meth is so easy to manufacture, labs are becoming increasingly prevalent, especially in rural areas or small towns.

Firefighters and paramedics are often the first on scene to a meth lab, and don’t even realize that they are in grave danger. Proprietors of meth labs often will set fire to their property in order to destroy evidence against them, and booby traps are not uncommon.

Of course, the best and most reliable tool you have at your disposal is common sense- but it’s always better to be prepared for what you’re up against. The following indicators, photographs and information are intended to assist first responders in staying safe.

Click below to take a look at some of the common indicators of a meth lab.

What is Methamphetamine?

Meth Laboratory Indicators

If You Find a Lab (and it has not caught fire)…