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From Fire Volunteer to Career Firefighter: A 5-Step Guide

From Fire Volunteer to Career Firefighter: A 5-Step Guide

Volunteer firefighting is one of the most rewarding, most fun, and least financially viable professions. Most people don’t have unlimited income to spend, so most volunteer firefighters are stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to work their day job and also get in a few calls. They want to be able to serve their community as a firefighter, yet sometimes they may not be able to afford it.

We’ve compiled a 5-Step Guide to get you in the firehouse full-time, paid. We know you deserve it!

No Job? No Problem.

If for some reason you don’t get the job as a paid firefighter, don’t despair. Reasons can range from a bad economy, to a surplus of overqualified applicants. Positions open up all the time, just be better prepared next time and remember:

“All firefighting is a career! It’s not just a ‘job’ but more of a ‘calling’. It makes no difference whether you receive a paycheck or not. All firefighters essentially do the same thing and that is respond to and clean-up after John Q. Public’s mistakes.”.

-Firelink user Axe621

One other thing you might consider is furthering your education. With today’s economy, less stations will be hiring and it’s a perfect time to get that Fire Science degree under your belt.

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