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Firefighter Safety Report: Truss System Failures

NIOSH | John Howard M.D.

The authors of this ALERT were Timothy R. Merinar, Richard W. Braddee, Frank Washenitz II, and Tom Mezzanotte, Division of Safety Research, NIOSH; Vincent Dunn, Deputy Chief (retired) New York City Fire Department; and Frank Brannigan, fire and building construction expert. The authors thank the following for their reviews of draft versions: Robert Solomon, PE, National Fire Protection Association; David Stroup, PE, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Rob Neal and William Troup, U.S. Fire Administration; Robert Bland, American Forest and Paper Association; Kirk Grundahl, Wood Truss Council of America; Chief Al Rosamond, Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department (representing the National Volunteer Fire Council); Chief Mark Young, Casper Fire Department (representing the International Association of Fire Chiefs); Rob Matuga, National Association of Home Builders; Pat Morrison and Elizabeth Harman, International Association of Fire Fighters.

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