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School Bus Extrication - Part 1: Our Precious Cargo

School Bus Extrication - Part 1: Our Precious Cargo

David Pease, Carolina Fire/Rescue/EMS Journal

You will find that most side windows are laminated safety glass or tempered safety glass. The glass is usually set in a rubber-mounting gasket on all four sides. The windshields are laminated safety glass, which are also set in a rubber-mounting gasket. The front windshield may be multiple layers of laminated glass where the rear window is usually a single layer. The side windows are set in a track so they can be opened. These windows open downward and the opening will be half the size of the total window area. The opening is approximately 9 inches by 22 inches, sometimes larger in the bigger buses.

In my next article, we will look at some of the specific frame construction of school buses, the air and electrical systems, proper stabilization, and extrication techniques and tools that can be used for the task of victim removal. So until next time, train hard, always keep you and your team’s safety at heart, and strive to give your best in the lifesaving skills you offer.