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This game is a mix between “Brick” and “Parachute.” Since the directions are not in English, here’s what to do: When you first load the game, click on the speech bubble in the center of the screen. A video will then play, if you want to skip it, click the “Meny” button at the bottom right. Then click the “Spela” button to start the game.

The Point:

Catch the people jumping out of the building into the net and then ‘bounce’ them into the ambulance. You can move left and right and change the tension of the net to accomplish this. Don’t forget to catch the coins that appear after the person reaches the ambulance, they’re worth points!


Left-Arrow/Right-arrow: Moves firefighters left & right
Down-Arrow: Increases the tension of the net to make the person bounce higher.

How do your scores compare? Post them here.