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Bridgeport’s Tears

Bridgeport’s Tears

Lt. Tom Kenney

It began as a normal job
Fire showing, second floor
We set out to begin our tasks
Like a thousand times before

Nothing special about this house
Just two and a half story wood
In through the back door
Adjusting pacs, gloves and hood

Though the heat was oppressive
This should be over quick
Engine men place their hoseline
And Ladder men their stick

We all have responsibilities
Which all work hand in hand
Water, ventilation, forcing doors
They have all been pre-planned

On that day search and rescue
Was Ladder 11’s assignment
So up to the third floor
Their company was sent

It looked like a quick stop
As the fire darkened down
But it had traveled upward
As smoke showed, dark brown

Suddenly we heard “Mayday”
Then “Mayday” once again
We all knew that trouble
Had found one of our friends

The Rapid Intervention Team
Was swiftly deployed
To recover our brothers
Before the building was destroyed

Though we got to them quickly
And pulled them to the street
We worked feverishly to save them
On the blazing hot concrete

Saving lives is our profession
The inevitable to postpone
But we just couldn’t pull it off
For two of our own

Nothing left for us to do
But to honor these brave men
The Lieutenant and the rookie
Will serve together again

Firefighters from all over
In a show of respect
Will send off these heroes
Sworn to serve and protect

Thousands of brothers will gather
And they’ll remember for years
The day they came together
To share Bridgeport’s tears

Lt. Tom Kenney
Providence Fire Department