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Master Stream Operations: Bringing In the Big Guns

2000 GPM Master Stream Appliance

The most common 2000 GPM master stream appliances are also manufactured by the big three companies (Task Force Tips, Elkhart Brass, and Akron Brass). All three of these 2000 GPM appliances have a maximum inlet pressure of 200 PSI with a maximum nozzle reaction of 1010 lbs. The higher flow and nozzle reaction from this big gun allows smooth bore nozzles ranging from 1-1/8" to 1-3/4" to be used in the maximum inlet category which is 200 PSI.

There are other common smooth bore tips used with a 2000 GPM master stream. The following list shows the tip sizes and their maximum allowed flow based on the maximum allowed nozzle reaction. Keep in mind that there is a chance that the maximum allowed inlet pressure may be reached before maxing out on the nozzle pressure for these large tips. It cannot be emphasized enough that flow tests are critical for developing the required flows.

2" Tip 1503 GPM 160 NP 1005 lbs NR
2-1/4" Tip 1692 GPM 120 NP 979 lbs NR
2-1/2" Tip 1857 GPM 100 NP 981 lbs NR
2-3/4" Tip 2071 GPM 85 NP 1009 lbs NR

The 2000 GPM combination nozzle pump discharge pressure will be determined with flow tests just as was done with the 1250 GPM which will be based on the three maximum limitation categories.

Stay tuned to Part 2!