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Firefighter Tattoo Showcase | Part 2


FireLink Member Smokey13

I have been in the fire service in NY State for 27 years. It is an unbreakable bond between the men and women all over the world, who place there lives on the line every day.

Quite often, the recognition goes without notice, or it slips away.

On Sept. the 11th, of 2001, a part of my heart was taken away. The tragedy that took 343 brother fire fighters, numerous Police officers and civilians will always be remembered. I have received this tattoo with honor and pride, knowing that they will always be in my heart.

I will also take my hat off to the countless fire fighters, Police officers, Construction workers and EMS crews, who are now facing illness from the debris of the 911 site, and who are dying, and or living in pain. These people were devoted to saving there brothers. One must never forget, these people are also apart of this tragedy.

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