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Firefighter Tattoo Showcase | Part 2


FireLink Member scbagirl

I had been volunteering on a junior program in Plains, Montana on a fire department, and I knew that I loved being a part of something that was bigger than me.

I started wildland firefighting right out of high school with the DNRC. After many fires, my boss had explained to me how the pulaski tool came about being made, by Ed Pulaski. I knew Ed and I had many things in common: One of them being a dedication to our crew.

I became obsessed with the idea of how a man could save his crew, and invent a popular tool such as the Pulaski, named after Ed still to this day.

I decided in February 2009 that a pulaski tattoo on my left forearm would represent to me my crew, the fires I have fought, the fires I will fight, and it is a helpful reminder that I need to grab my tool before I head up to that wildland fire.

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