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Firefighter Tattoo Showcase | Part 2


FireLink Member jdjames

This tattoo is a work of symbolism commemorating my career as a Texas firefighter.

The basis is a firefighter kneeling in front of the cross giving thanks for a safe and successful career, while acknowledging my deep faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Texas background recognizes that I spent my 31 year career (1978-2009) serving the great state and it’s people. The wings on the top of the scba bottle represent my guardian angel, my best friend and future wife with her initials on top of the bottle. She has always had my back and watched out for my well being.

The “16” on the helmet shield indicates how many years we were apart from the time we first met until our lives brought us back together. No matter what happens in the future, now she will always be with me.

The tattoo is on my upper left back and I got it as a “pre-retirement gift” to myself as I knew that my career was drawing to a close.

It was just three months later that I was diagnosed with colon cancer and faced career ending surgery and chemotherapy regiment during the following year.

My prognosis is wonderful but the chemotherapy resulted in chemical nerve damage in my hands and feet which ultimately resulted in my retirement. At least I was able to get my tattoo and will always have it as a symbol of the life I loved and cherish as I reflect back on my time as a Texas firefighter!

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