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FireLink Exclusive: 5-Alarm Fire Gear Deals!


Gemtor FDNY Class II Personal Safety Harness

After months of research and development by Gemtor, FDNY and other experts, we proudly introduce the newly designed and improved Gemtor Personal Safety Harness. This is the harness now issued to firefighters in New York City, effective in 2005.

How is this harness different from the older style 541?
• A newly designed aluminum 3-stage locking Pompier hook
• Lighter weight hardware
• New stronger stitch design
• Metal D-ring hardware for escape/bailout system attachement (escape/bailout system not included)
• New leg adjuster hardware

Streamlight Vantage Helmet Mounted LED Light

Introducing the solution to firemen’s hands-free lighting needs. Compact, powerful, shock-proof, and virtually indestructible!

• Lightweight, compact, low profile design easily attaches/detaches above or below brim on fire helmets, industrial helmets and hard hats
• C4 LED impervious to shock. Will not break or burn out!
• C4 LED is 2-3 times brighter than previous generation LEDs
• Features an ultra-bright blue taillight LED
• Up to 4,500 candela peak central intensity; 80 lumens measured system output
• 6 hours of continuous runtime to the 10% output level
• Solid-state current regulation for consistent illumination level

And More!

Channel Lock 6-in-1 Rescue Tool


• Hardened tool steel punch shatters safety glass.
• Aggressive cross-hatch teeth twist and pull anything that gets in your way.
• Laser Heat-treated cutting edges cut wires and cables easily.
• Pry-bar quickly pries open windows and doors.
• Slot for shutting off standard gas safety valves.
• Spanner Wrench tightens and loosens hose couplings.

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