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Company: All Hands Fire Equipment


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All Hands Fire Equipment is a nationwide distributor and authorized dealer of the best fire and rescue products available to the fire service. “All Hands” initially carried products used and designed exclusively by New York City firefighters, but due to customer demand, we quickly evolved into a full-line fire equipment company.

We have successfully established a loyal customer base ranging from Individual Firefighters, to Municipal Volunteer and Paid departments to Large Cities including Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles, to the US Military, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services and Industrial and Commercial Businesses. We maintain a high customer service standard and pride ourselves in personal service while remaining a family owned and operated company.

The Fire service is an ever-changing industry. Paying attention to the Fire Service needs and Manufacturer’s progression is necessary. This is a balance that All Hands closely watches and proudly maintains. Today, All Hands Fire Equipment continues to work closely with several city fire department’s research and development units to enhance and improve both new and old products in the hopes of creating a more effective products for the fire service. These product developments include a range of items from gloves and rope bags, to Personal Escape systems.

From the dawn of our establishment in 2001, All Hands Fire Equipment has recognized the importance of Firefighter Escape Systems. We immediately became an authorized dealer for R.I.T. Rescue and Escape Systems and the Gemtor Harness. All Hands has kept current with developments in Escape Systems, including the introduction of the Petzl EXO Personal Escape Systems. Our representatives attended the very first EXO Train-the-Trainer class in 2006.

Since then, we have sold, educated and trained hundreds of firefighters on the use, care and maintenance of both the EXO and RIT Escape systems. We have become a #1 source for Escape Systems – including being able to provide information, demonstrations, affordable pricing and training to fire departments. We are collaborating with departments from as far away as California and Alaska and as locally as departments in Tri-State area, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia and others.

All Hands Fire Equipment has an extensive knowledge of these Products and the Fire Service. We are dedicated to outfitting every fire fighter and fire department with the very best equipment and training. Because of our experience, product base, and genuine service, All Hands Fire Equipment has become a nationwide resource for product and information.

To receive competitive pricing for you or your department, and keep up to date with the latest products, promotions and news visit our website: <>

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